If Gravity Flipped:
As an alternative of sitting comfortably on our sofas we might now be clinging to our ceilings.
As an alternative of being caught to the bottom, our houses might begin floating in air.
As an alternative of flying comfortably in air, birds might begin crawling on floor.
Even mountains might begin floating in air, trekking lovers might begin taking helicopters to succeed in them.
Rain might not fall down, we might should journey above the clouds to get some rain.
Planets might not revolve across the Solar, our Photo voltaic System will likely be in an entire disarray.
Our basketball throws might by no means come down once more.
Floating might now develop into simple, wild animals could also be seen floating in all places.
Folks might not fall off mountain cliffs anymore, trekkers would possibly get very completely satisfied.
Climbing Mt. Everest would possibly all of the sudden get very very simple.

0:00 – What if Gravity Flipped?
1:42 – Why do birds want gravity to swallow meals?
2:41 – What if Earth was made from Lava
3:52 – How do Earthworms Transfer?
4:49 – What if Earth Misplaced its Ambiance?
6:03 – What if an Asteroid hit Earth?
7:01 – How do Stars Kind?
9:02 – What if there have been no Airplanes?

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